Art of living in the Landes
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Art of living in the Landes

Discover the legendary art of living in the Landes 

Local products grown, processed and prepared in the Landes. Gourmet cuisine prepared by renowned chefs…
Gastronomy holds a special place in the art of living in the Landes.

There are numerous, high-quality local products :

  • Sables des Landes asparagus
  • Chalosse beef
  • Free-range duck
  • Free-range poultry
  • Adour kiwi
  • Landes armagnac
  • Floc de Gascogne
  • Tursan wines

These are put to marvellous use in local cuisine by renowned chefs including
Michel Guérard, Jean Coussau, Patrice Lubet, David Sulpice, Julien Duboué and many more.

There are so many natural advantages which make the Landes a favourite destination boasting an undeniable art of living.

Find out where to eat :
- Around Atlantisud
- In the Landes