Key figures

Key figures

The Landes, a département in XL format


The département of the Landes is initially remarkable for its size, second only to its neighbour the Gironde in France. Two elements characterise the image of the Landes in the collective imagination: the forests (62% of the total surface area of the département) and the coast (107 km/67 miles long).

Beyond this pastoral image, many people are unaware that this département is one of the most dynamic in France in terms of its population and its economy driven by sectors of excellence focusing on industrial employment. The wood/paper, biochemistry, aeronautics, agri-food and sliding sports sectors have access to the necessary natural and human resources supporting their development within our territory.
Its position at the heart of the European Atlantic arc and excellent transport infrastructures are also key elements of the attractiveness of the Landes.

This attraction is not only demographic, as the Landes département is also home to numerous foreign companies. Local firms also enjoy a strong presence on the domestic, European and international markets. This link with the international stage is one of the strong characteristics of the economy of the Landes.