An offer simplifying the installation procedure

Legal: the entire project is incorporated within the scope of a joint development zone (ZAC), benefiting from total legal security since 2007.

Development of Atlantisud: in 2005, the joint association tasked SATEL with creating and managing the park through a public development convention.

Atlantisud is subject to specific zoning in the local town planning (PLU) of the municipality of Saint-Geours-de-Maremne adapted to its economic vocation: no COS , ban on construction for housing purposes, etc.

Atlantisud is located in a so-called AFR zone (aid for regional purposes) which oversees the possibilities of public aid for companies.
With the zoning, the companies present in the park can benefit from the maximum authorised rates of public aid.

This is only a possibility as each aid is paid according to the rules of each public entity: Conseil général, Conseil régional, state or European Union.