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New insulation solutions at Atlantisud-

New insulation solutions at Atlantisud

With the company IPC based in Saint-Geours-de-Maremne, Philippe Baizeau tests new patented partition walls designed to save time when installing and increase the living area.

"An acoustic solution to reduce the thickness of partition walls". This is the latest idea that Philippe Baizeau is testing in the Landes. 
In June he filed a patent for this new prefabrication partition wall which is designed to save time when installing and increase the living area. After eight month's work, the test will begin in Biscarrosse in mid-September with the acoustic tests to validate the advantages of the product. Once complete, it will be a case of setting the price and working on its development.

Philippe Baizeau is not a newcomer to the field of insulation. This self-taught son of the city of Lyon who abandoned his studies a year before the end of high school before picking them up again later at the National Conservatory of Arts and Trades in Bordeaux, spent time in the sales and marketing division of Knauf, an industrialist in the building sector.
Made redundant nine years ago, he set up a construction materials trading company together with a young native of the Basque Country in Bayonne. This was quickly followed by other agencies in Pau and Bordeaux. After he and his associate went their separate ways, the fifty-year-old now focuses his attention on Bordeaux and Saint-Geours-de-Maremne, becoming increasingly specialised in insulation and fire protection intended for professionals in the property sector with his company IPC (Isolation, Plafond, Cloisonnement, or insulation, ceilings and partition walls).

Based in the Domolandes business hotel in Saint-Geours (eco-construction hub promoted by the Conseil Général) since 2013, he plans to have developed his own structure on the Atlantisud business park by the end of 2015.
The site enjoys an excellent location in a burgeoning zone conducive to development boasting attractive property prices, with rates up to five times cheaper than in the towns around Bordeaux and in the Basque country, stresses the entrepreneur although he would like the systems tax relief to be simplified.

In a milieu where lobbying by the major corporations can make life difficult for SMFs, Philippe Baizeau has nevertheless wagered on the local economy, working on sites within a radius of 50 miles.
With its twenty employees working on his sites around Bordeaux and in the Landes, IPC hopes to generate a turnover of 7 million euros in 2014.  The aim is to reach 9 million euros within another two years while recruiting a further ten employees in the Landes.




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