High-performance sectors
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High-performance sectors

The Landes, the leading industrial département in the Aquitaine region


Many people are unaware of the strong link between this vast département with its rural image and the industrial development of our region.

Since it was created in the 18th century, the forest of the Landes has become a genuine open-air factory which has fostered the industrious image of the Landes from the resin-tapping of the past to the biochemistry of the present.

Similarly, steel-working is not merely a paragraph in a book on local history. It is part of the current economic reality with steel mills, steel rolling, aeronautics, etc.

Local agriculture also contributes to this economic success through the quality of its products and the dynamic nature of its firms.

In a French context where the share of industrial production is gradually falling, “made in the Landes” is a very real concept.