Wood / paper

Wood / paper

Wood / paper: an emblematic sector for the region


Traditionally associated with the Landes since the end of the 19th century, the wood / paper / forestry sector remains the leading industrial employer in the département accounting for almost 5,000 jobs.

The area suffered terribly during the storms of 1999 and more particularly 2009 (37 million m³ of wood destroyed in the area), although reforestation is under way to preserve this resource.

The traditional wood processing industries are still present in the département (pulp, panels, parquets, panelling), with SMFs rubbing shoulders with international giants such as Smurfit, Gascogne, Finsa and Egger.

Local biochemical industries draw some of their resources and innovation potential from the wealth of maritime pines. This is the case of companies such as Biolandes and DRT.