Hiking, cycling and horse riding in the Landes


The space and quality of life in the département of the Landes are ideal for hiking, cycling or horse riding on a daily basis. Responsible for implementing a local plan for non-motorised routes, the Conseil Général – as project manager – and its partners prepare, maintain and mark some 3,500 kilometres (approx. 2,200 miles) of routes comprising 210 trails.

With its dunes, lakes, forests, hillside vineyards and the valley of the River Adour, the rich and varied landscape of the Landes is ideal for daily trekking.

The architectural heritage includes a number of castles, walled towns, washhouses, fountains and much more – perfect opportunities to take a short break along the numerous trails.

Visitors to the Landes can explore :
- local circuits (on foot, mountain bike or horseback)
- three green trails: Marsan and Armagnac, Chalosse and the Landes de Roquefort
- pilgrimage routes to Santiago de Compostela (from le Puy-en-Velay, Vezelay, Tours and the coastal path) which coincide with three long-distance footpaths
- Three local long-distance footpaths: Haute-Chalosse, Pays d'Orthe, Petites Landes de Roquefort.

The collection of 18 trekking guides and the cycling paths and green trails booklet published by the Conseil Général are available in tourist offices and bookshops. These routes are included in the local plan for open spaces, sites and routes.

Discover the trails :
- Around Atlantisud
- In the Landes