The département of the Landes is one of the leading areas in French agricultural production.


The Landes is one of the main départements in France for the production of a wide range of products:

  • No.1 for grain corn, sweet corn and seed corn
  • No.1 for foie gras and foie gras ducks
  • No.1 for trout
  • No.1 for quail
  • No.1 for carrots
  • No.2 for certified chicken
  • No.2 for asparagus
  • No.2 for kiwis

The utilised agricultural area accounts for almost one quarter of the land area in the Landes.

This production capacity and the quality of the products are at the root of the strong presence of the agri-food industry in the Landes.
Some leading companies: Maïsadour, Labeyrie, Delpeyrat, Les Fermiers landais, Seretram, Aqualandes, Sud-Ouest Aliment.