The Landes, the leading industrial département in the Aquitaine region with more than 18,500 employees in this sphere 


Accounting for almost 15.3% of total industrial employment, the Landes remains the leader of all 5 départements in Aquitaine.

Four key sectors of industry remain predominant : 

  • The wood/paper industry, 
  • The agri-food industry, 
  • The chemicals/plastics industry, 
  • The aeronautical industry. 

For a long time, the economic development of the Landes was founded on the promotion of the département’s natural resources. 
The quality and nature of the soil – conducive to the intensive cultivation of maritime pines – and the climate and abundant water supply – providing optimum conditions for grain corn farming – forged the traditional image of the Landes. 
Over the past 30 years an ambitious policy of economic diversification has been encouraged. 
The vegetable, aquaculture and surf-ware sectors – previously non-existent – have become sectors in which the Landes occupy the place of national leader.

The ten leading companies (turnover) 

  • Maïsadour: €1.5 G 
  • Scalandes: €592 M 
  • Delpeyrat: €339 M 
  • Labeyrie Fine Foods: €334 M 
  • Egger: €268 M 
  • DRT: €224 M 
  • Vermillon: €220 M 
  • Agralia: €182 M 
  • Tembec Tartas: €168 M 
  • Sud-Ouest Aliment: €160 M